Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the career prospects of a program?
    ANSWER: Depending on the program of choice. Please talk to the career development center
  2. Can I get a job after my course?
    ANSWER: Yes you can
  3. How do I access the academic calendar?
    ANSWER: On the website under the heading academics
  4. Which universities are you affiliated to?
    ANSWER: Falmouth University, Bournemouth University. New york film academy University many more
  5. How far is the campus from town or access to public transport?
    ANSWER: Within 30 minutes
  6. Do you have boarding facilities?
    ANSWER: Yes upon request
  7. Do you accept foreign currencies?
    ANSWER: Yes US dollars and UK pounds
  8. How do I submit my assignments?
    ANSWER: Through your private portal on the VLE
  9. Can I defer my course?
    ANSWER: Yes on required conditions. Refer to registration on the website
  10. What are the entry requirements for diploma and degree programs?
    ANSWER: Refer to the website under the heading programs
  11. How can I access my timetable or lecture times?
    ANSWER: Through the general portal on the VLE
  12. How can I access my grades?
    ANSWER: Through your private portal on the VLE
  13. Where do I pick up application form?
    ANSWER: You donít need to pick up a form just fill it online
  14. Can I make payment on line and how?
    ANSWER: Yes follow screen instructions when you click make payment
  15. How do I access the student VLE?
    ANSWER: With your Doxa unique ID code
  16. How do I replace my lost student code or ID?
    ANSWER: Report immediately when lost and request a new one from administration
  17. What are the requirements for qualifying for scholarship?
    ANSWER: Financial status
  18. How much do I have to pay for an additional degree course?
    ANSWER: Depends on the course of choice and promotional offers
  19. How do I choose the best program for my career?
    ANSWER: Through consultation with our career advisors
  20. Is the University accredited by the NAB?
    ANSWER: Yes
  21. What is the meaning of Doxa?
    ANSWER: All that God is and all that God has
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